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  • These are the promises of the PKS Law Firm, and its founder, Surendran K Pattel, as we do everything in his power to make the law accessible and responsive to you and your needs.

    Mr. Surendran, attorney and counselor at law, understands that the American system of law and justice can seem both confusing and intimidating. But you need not face it alone. Whether you find yourself involved in a criminal case or a civil dispute; whether you are preparing a lease, or a will to protect your assets and those of your loved ones; whether you are dealing with a child-custody dispute, or an immigration and/or citizenship matter, we are ready to assist you.

    Educated in both United States of America and India, Mr. Surendran has an international worldview, as well as practical, everyday courtroom experience in both countries. Mr.Surendran is licensed in the state of Texas; in the United States District Court Southern District of Texas; and in his native India. He is a hands-on attorney who deals personally with every PKS client and issue. At the same time, he also maintains a network of trusted colleagues in the United States and elsewhere who can provide assistance and consultation as needed.

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